Chef holding plate of greens
The Parisian Way To Jazz Up Your Salad For A Dinner That Genuinely Satisfies
If your salads are boring no matter what ingredients you add, take inspiration from the French and switch up the greens you use as your salad base.
French salads rarely feature plain spinach or romaine as their base. Instead, salads feature seasonal greens including endive, radicchio, dandelion greens, or frisée.
These greens are more flavorful with a bitter bite, and they often add some extra crunch or crispness, elevating both the texture and taste of the dish.
A good place to start experimenting is with endive, radicchio, or escarole, which are all crunchy, bright, and bitter, making them perfect for serving either raw or cooked.
Make a classic French endive salad and pair your greens with cheese, pears, and walnuts, or start slowly by incorporating these greens into a go-to salad recipe.
If you want extra flavor, try more robust greens like mustard or dandelion leaves, which can be used like kale or Swiss chard paired with a mustard vinaigrette, eggs, and bacon.