View of Paris landmarks behind a mug of coffee
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The Paris Café Historically Frequented By Literary Icons
French café culture (the art of sitting, chatting, or relaxing with a coffee and a bite) is deeply ingrained in the city, and the practice dates back to the 1600s. If you’d like to sit at a café frequented by literary geniuses like Ernest Hemingway, Simone de Beauvoir, and T.S. Eliot, then you might consider dining at Café Le Select.
During the 1920s, Paris was a hub for artists from all over the world, and as Mary McAuliffe details in "When Paris Sizzled," the city drew a broad range of talents from Gertrude Stein to James Joyce to Cole Porter and more. Café Le Select opened in 1925, and stands in its original location on Boulevard du Montparnasse on Paris' iconic left bank.
In addition to coffee and pastries, Le Select's menu boasts signature Parisian dishes like steak frites, sole meunière, French onion soup, and a classic French omelet. The café is the perfect place to simply be — whether that's reading, chatting, writing, drawing, people watching, or enjoying signature Parisian cuisine.