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The Parchment Paper Trick To Keep Tortillas Warm For A Party
Tacos have been eaten since before the 16th century and early tacos took the form of a soft corn tortilla filled with small fish, locusts, and snails. Today, tacos can be eaten with an endless variety of toppings, but the only need is that your tortillas be served warm, whether soft or crispy.
Serving tortillas warm helps bring out the sweetness of the corn and makes them more pliable. To keep a large stack of tortillas warm for a long time, wrap them in parchment paper and microwave them until heated through, then wrap them — parchment paper and all — in aluminum foil, place them in a plastic bag and store them in a small cooler.
Another method, which requires a slow cooker but uses less disposable materials, is to stack the tortillas in the slow cooker and set it to warm, wrapping about five tortillas at a time in damp cloth napkins. Both methods will keep large amounts of tortillas warm and soft for several hours.