Grilled Bavarian sausages with rosemary.  Sausages  on a fork sprinkled with rosemary.
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The Parboiling Technique To Get Top-Tier Bratwurst
Bratwurst sausages bursting open on the grill is a common frustration. The best way to ensure that the skins can stand up to the high heat is to parboil the links before grilling.
Parboiling will tighten the sausage skins and lock in the meaty juices, and will also help to prevent the links from burning on the grill, because they will need less time to cook.
You can either parboil the bratwurst in a pan on the stove, or use a cast-iron skillet over the hot grill. You can use water or a more flavorful liquid like broth or beer.
Pour the liquid into the pan until it covers about ¾ of the sausages. Simmer the brats for 10 to 15 minutes, or until they have an internal temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
After the sausages have been parboiled, you only have to finish cooking them on the grill for another five minutes or so before enjoying a delicious outdoor summer meal.