Glass kettle pouring tea into a glass cup on a wood surface
The Pantry Staple You Need To Sweeten Tea With For A Fruity Kick
Even those who are selective about what they add to their tea should try fruit jam in their next cup. Jam is naturally sweet with many flavor options, making it a great sweetener.
From strawberry to grape to blackcurrant, there are tons of flavors to pick from. Simply spoon a little jam into your tea to transform the flavor with its fruity taste.
Adding jam to tea has its roots in 18th-century Russian tea culture, where a tea concentrate called "zavarka" was enjoyed with sugar, lemon, and jam.
If you don't want to add jam directly to your tea, simply take a spoonful and put it on the tip of your tongue. Then, take a sip of your tea to mix it with the jam.
With this technique, you can savor the bitter first note of the tea, then enjoy the sweet aftertaste of the fruity mix as it comes down.