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The Pantry Staple You Can Use For A Quick Korma Sauce
Korma is a thick and creamy Indian sauce cooked slowly over a low flame and packed with herbs and spices like ground coriander and cumin. Nailing the right consistency for korma can give even the most experienced chefs a bit of trouble, but there's one common ingredient that makes for a quick and delicious sauce.
Nuts like cashews and almonds are commonly blended into korma recipes to give the sauce a rich, velvety texture. However, if you're pressed for time and not thrilled about making your own nut paste at home, you can simply spoon your choice of premade nut butter into the pot to help create a creamy sauce in no time at all.
The flavor of the nut butter you use likely won't be as neutral as homemade paste, and will impact the taste of the korma sauce, but the difference will be slight. Taste as you go and add extra spices or seasonings to perfect the flavor of your sauce, then serve it with rice, nuts roasted in ghee, and chopped cilantro.