Bobby Flay smiles in a kitchen
The Pantry Staple Bobby Flay Utilizes To Temper Spicy Food
When you find a dish to be too spicy, try using Bobby Flay's tip. The chef told CNN that a touch of honey will go a long way towards tempering fiery foods.
Honey, like any sweetener, can overcome the fiery flavor of chile peppers and protect your tongue, so you can enjoy your meal without chugging a glass of milk to cool off.
You can mix honey into buffalo sauce that's too spicy, or add it to a meat marinade that uses a lot of spicy ingredients. As a bonus, honey paired with heat tastes delicious.
Honey adds an extra layer of flavor to spicy dishes for a sweet-and-heat combo. Still, you should be light-handed when using it, or your food can end up too sweet.
Bobby Flay uses honey in his Honey Mustard-Horseradish Sauce, as well as his barbecue sauce with Worcestershire, garlic, soy sauce, and creamy peanut butter.