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The Pantry Ingredient To Start Utilizing When Blind Baking Pie
For a beautifully golden crust every time you blind-bake pie, you only need two things that you likely have in your pantry already: aluminum foil and granulated sugar.
Unlike par-baking a crust, blind baking completely separates the pie filling from the baking process. This method is common for custard pies or pies that have no-bake filling.
Aluminum foil is an excellent weight barrier and heat conductor, and the incredibly fine texture of granulated sugar fills in all the pie crust’s buttery nooks and crannies.
Granulated sugar’s heft evenly distributes pressure across the crust for a balanced bake. Since there is no filling to weigh the crust as it bakes, the sugar acts as a weight.
If you bake your pie at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the sugar will be toasted and add a caramelized flavor to your pie. You can repurpose the sugar in the filling or elsewhere.