A plate of fried rice with veggies
The Overnight Step You Shouldn't Pass On When Making Fried Rice
For fried rice, consider making your rice the night before. Rice becomes better for stir-frying after it spends the night in the fridge, as hot rice has too much moisture to fry.
As cooked rice cools off in the fridge, its starch molecules form a new structure that forces water out of the grains. These dry, separate grains always yield the best results.
Spread the hot rice on a cookie sheet that'll fit in your refrigerator so it cools fast. Don't cover the sheet, as a cover will lock in the steam, keeping the rice from drying out.
Chill the tray of rice, stirring it once or twice, and leave it overnight to cool. Before stir-frying, crumble the rice with your hands to ensure the grains are not clumped up.