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The Overlooked Way To Cook Canned Vegetables With More Flavor
Canned vegetables can taste just as good (if not better) than fresh versions, but some brands of canned veggies could use a little help from the cook to bring out their flavors.
The next time you reach for a can of vegetables, you should also grab a box of broth, since cooking the veggies in stock replaces any "canned" flavors with a rich and savory taste.
You can amp up the flavor even further by adding extra spices to the stock. To try this, blanch your canned vegetables in boiling water before shocking them in ice-cold water.
Next, put the veggies back on the stove in a pot filled with your broth of choice. After your veggies have simmered and soaked up the stock, simply strain them and serve.
One more tip is to keep sodium levels in check by using either no-salt-added broth or no-salt-added vegetables, since both canned veggies and boxed stock can be quite salty.