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The Overlooked Kitchen Tools Ina Garten Replaces Yearly
Cooking with high-quality ingredients is just as important as using high-quality cookware, and any pro chef will tell you that it's worth it to invest in kitchen tools that will last a long time. However, celeb chef Ina Garten admits that some kitchen essentials actually need to be replaced yearly, and here's the tool she always keeps an eye on.
Some kitchen staples, like cast-iron skillets, copper-bottom pans, and Dutch ovens, can be kept in great condition indefinitely, but if you've owned a veggie peeler or citrus zester for a long time, the Barefoot Contessa says it isn't worth keeping. Produce peelers are prone to becoming rusty or dull, eventually making them useless.
If you don't use your zesters or peelers very often, they may not have such a quick turnover rate, but Garten explains that peelers are cheap (by her standards, at least) and easy to replace. Whether you have Garten's budget or not, you should likely hold off on purchasing very expensive peelers, due to their limited shelf life.