Various cocktails in glasses with fruit garnishes
The Overlooked Cocktails Prepared By Julia Child's Husband Paul
Chef Julia Child is known for bringing French cooking to American homes, and behind the iconic chef was her husband, Paul Child, who had some tasty creations of his own.
When not at his job working for the American government, Paul was inventing his own cocktails at home, including the Carioca Quencher, Tourmaline, and Butterfly’s Breath.
The Carioca Quencher is a tropical cocktail made of dark rum, lemon and lime juice, apricot liqueur, club soda, bitters, and a touch of sugar.
The ingredients are combined in a shaker with ice and then strained into a glass garnished with a pineapple or a twist of lime for a refreshing, zesty, and vibrant drink.
With a bright pink or red hue, the Tourmaline is eye-catching, with a flavor to match. It balances delicate florals with a satisfying hint of earthy bitterness.
The drink is made with dry gin, lime juice, and beet juice, stirred and strained into a glass with a lime twist. Play with the ratios until you find a mix perfect for you.
The Butterfly's Breath is a light drink made of apricot brandy, gin, sugar, lime juice, and water, which are shaken together vigorously in a shaker with ice until frothy.
Strain your cocktail into a glass with a lemon or lime garnish. The resulting drink is light and airy with a smooth, creamy finish and a sweet, floral, slightly fruity flavor.