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The Origins Of The Breakfast Taco
Breakfast tacos typically come in flour tortillas and can be filled with any combination of meat, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, chiles, and countless other ingredients. The breakfast taco’s origins are the subject of a contentious debate, and the conversation surrounding its official birthplace is as spicy and varied as the dish itself.
Breakfast tacos originated in northern Mexico where they were called “tacos de guisados” before they migrated to Texas. Many Tex-Mex fans count breakfast tacos as the quintessential dish of Austin, but California-based outlet OC Weekly argues that breakfast tacos belong to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, or San Antonio, not the Texas capital.
Per OC Weekly, the earliest recorded mention of the phrase “breakfast tacos” comes from a 1975 entry in The Arizona Republic about a dish served in San Antonio. Today the dish is popular throughout Texas and the U.S., and whichever side of the debate you fall on, breakfast tacos remain an undisputed Tex-Mex fan favorite.