Pittsburgh salad is a layered salad made of lettuce, vegetables, grilled meat, shredded cheese, riviera dressing, and French fries closeup on the bowl on the table. Vertical
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The Origins Of Pittsburgh's French Fry-Topped Salad
Fries on a Salad?
Pittsburgh is home to many delicious dishes like pepperoni rolls, pierogies, and salads topped with fries. Of course, putting fries on a salad certainly sounds delicious, and while others might claim that fries defeat the purpose of a salad in the first place, people in Pittsburgh happily ignore these critics.
“Pittsburgh salad” was first created in the 1960s at Jerry’s Curb Service, where a hungry customer ordered a steak sandwich without the bun, fries, and salad dressing, which he combined. Upon seeing this creation, Jerry’s wife Donna recreated it with the addition of some salad greens, and the dish quickly spread.
A traditional Pittsburgh salad is really quite simple, but the most important part is getting the fries right. Any lettuce will do although iceberg and romaine are the most common, then top with some veggies, your choice of meat, sliced, a sprinkling of shredded cheddar, and a heaping portion of crispy fries.
Since the incorporation of fried potatoes is the only requirement for a Pittsburgh salad, you'll find many variations throughout the city. Some restaurants incorporate more veggies and hard-boiled eggs or offer grilled fish, and sometimes you can even find it topped with house-made tater tots in lieu of French fries.
In Pittsburgh, fry-topped salads are so common they can be found anywhere from the shadiest of dive bars to the hippest of bistros, but some of the most popular spots are Pamela’s, Eat’n Park, and Tessaro’s. Outside of the city, however, the salads are rare, so you’ll be better off making your own.