A Chicago atomic birthday cake
The Origin Of Chicago's Infamous Atomic Birthday Cake
The Illinois classic Atomic Cake is traditionally made of banana cake, banana cream, yellow cake, strawberry glaze, chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, and whipped cream frosting.
While its invention is debated, this cake is decidedly a Chicago-based recipe attributed to bakeries on the South Side that first emerged in the 1950s.
One theory from Calumet Bakery's owner Kerry Moore suggests that "this guy named Frank or George, who worked part-time for my grandfather, came up with it."
While others theorize that the cake's recipe resulted from a bakery collective, a baker named George Kremm has also been linked to the cake's invention.
Furthermore, phone book advertisements list Kremm's Liberty Bakery as the "Originators of the Atomic Cake." Despite all this, the exact recipe was never written down.