A cup of Starbucks popular holiday beverage, peppermint mocha, displayed with coffee beans and candy canes on wooden table.
The Order Hack For Velvety Starbucks Hot Chocolate
To spice up a regular Starbucks hot chocolate, TikTok Starbucks barista @itsjoboi suggests adding in java chips and swapping the mocha for vanilla syrup.
The melted chips will enrich the drink and thicken it up to a consistency closer to drinking chocolate. The vanilla amplifies the warmth and adds a nice contrast to the chocolate.
For a venti-sized drink, @itsjoboi recommends asking for a venti hot chocolate with seven scoops of java chips, vanilla syrup, no mocha, and chocolate curls on top.
If seven scoops are too much, opt for half-java chips and half-mocha sauce, which would be about two scoops of chips and three pumps of sauce (or vice versa) in a venti.
Whole or 2% milk gives a more full-bodied consistency in comparison to skim or almond milk. Oat milk offers thickness, but it has a strong oaty flavor, so be careful.