Circular wooden chopping board displaying sampling cubes of hard and soft cheeses including brie, cheddar, and red leicester
The Only Type Of Cheese Paper Worth Getting
Cheese paper is great for protecting chunks and wheels of expensive cheese from spoilage, moisture loss, fridge odors, and more. For best results, always buy two-ply cheese paper.
Two-ply cheese paper is sturdy and can be reused, so it’s a worthwhile investment. The paper even adds some sophistication and elegance when it's time to serve the cheese.
Instead of unwrapping clingy plastic wrap that likely hasn't protected the cheese well, you can unfold neatly-folded cheese paper to reveal a fresh and moist hunk of cheese.
It's also useful to wrap take-along foods like sandwiches in cheese paper. It keeps both the cheese and other ingredients fresh and neatly arranged, not dried out or sloppy.