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The Only Type Of Canned Tuna You Should Add To Linguine
Canned tuna is much easier to add to seafood linguine when compared to something like clams or squid, because it is already cooked and needs minimal preparation, as well as being convenient and shelf-stable. However, you should still be a little picky with the quality of your tuna, so choose this type for the best end results.
Canned tuna is often packed in either water or oil, and oil-packed tuna is the best choice for your pasta. Tuna packed in olive oil keeps the flavor sealed in the fish, while water slowly leaches the flavor out of the flesh, and oil-packed tuna is also smoother and silkier, integrating better with the linguine and other ingredients.
Olive oil also plays well with most pasta dishes, being an integral part of many recipes, and it can even lower your risk of stroke, reduce inflammation, and boost your heart health. Still, like tuna packed in water, tuna packed in oil should be drained properly before adding it to your linguine, so it doesn't make the dish greasy.