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The Only Type Of Butter You Should Leave Out At Room Temperature
Some say that butter is unhealthy for you, but this kitchen staple has only become more popular in the U.S. in recent years, showing that Americans are firmly attached to this rich and salty ingredient. However, as a dairy-based product, you may wonder if you can leave butter out at room temperature, as many cooks do.
The short answer is that butter can be left out at room temperature as long as it’s salted. Since salt is one of the most time-honored food preservatives, it is able to protect butter from harmful bacterial growth, whereas unsalted butter is much more susceptible; also, you should look out for another word on your butter's label.
Scan your butter's packaging to see whether or not it's been pasteurized, since this process helps destroy any harmful bacteria that may have been in the milk the butter was made from. Lastly, store your butter in an airtight container if you leave it out on the counter, since even salted butter can become rancid over time.