Bobby Flay smiling
The Only Milk Bobby Flay Will Put In His Coffee
During a tour of his fridge in collaboration with Misfits Market on Instagram, chef Bobby Flay shared that he only ever uses full-fat dairy milk in his coffee.
Flay says he wants his “coffee to taste like coffee.” Whole milk, which is 3% to 4% fat, is velvety and creamy, but enhances coffee's full-bodied flavor instead of muffling it.
Whole milk's proteins also counterbalance bitterness for a smoother sip that brings out the coffee beans' notes. Its inherent sweetness further enhances the drink's taste.
While a strong espresso and whole milk are a perfect match, you don't always have to match Flay's preferences. Not all coffee beans benefit from this type of milk.
Avoid using whole milk with light roast coffees or those with citrus/fruity notes. It’s best to use it with medium to dark roasts with nutty and chocolate-like flavors.