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The Only Ben & Jerry's Flavor To Ever Feature Raisins
Ben & Jerry's is known for creative yet crowd-pleasing ice cream flavors, and the company reportedly churns out almost one million pints of ice cream per day. Sarah Fidler, a Ben & Jerry's flavor guru, says that the minimum batch for a flavor is 80,000 pints, because "80,000 fans have to love it" in order to gain legit status.
Naturally, not every ice cream the company creates is beloved by 80,000 fans or more, resulting in some flavors' disappearance from the Ben & Jerrys lineup over the years. Dastardly Mash, the only flavor to ever feature raisins, debuted in 1979 and later fell out of fashion, but its memory is kept alive by some die-hard fans.
Dastardly Mash consisted of chocolate ice cream packed with a trail mix-like combo of almonds, pecans, chocolate chips, and raisins. In the Ben & Jerry's online "Flavor Graveyard" for retired ice creams, Dastardly Mash's headstone reads, "Here the brazen DASTARDLY lies. Some say that raisins caused its demise."
Dastardly Mash actually had a good run for 12 years, and founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield still debate about the flavor. As mentioned earlier, some fans are still pining for a pint of this raisin-filled flavor, and many copycat recipes can be found online, so you can taste a piece of Ben & Jerry's history.