Celebrity talk show host Hoda Kotb
The Only 2 Ingredients You Need For Hoda Kotb's Ritz Cracker Cake
On "Today," host Hoda Kotb was given a yellow box birthday cake embellished with Ritz crackers, which offer the perfect complementary flavors and textures.
The Ritz crackers will add both a salty and buttery element to highlight the vanilla and sugar in a yellow cake mix. You can add them directly into the wet cake batter.
Break up the crackers so that they melt into the batter as the cake bakes for an underlying richness in the final result. For a crunchy complement, crumble the crackers on top.
You can even lightly press whole crackers into the icing-coated sides. As a buttery, salty flavor agent, Ritz crackers will upgrade any cake mix and frosting combination.