Ina Garten smiling for a photo at an event
The Only 2 Baking Staples Ina Garten Puts In Canisters
Celebrity chef Ina Garten doesn’t have a lot of containers for ingredients in her kitchen. Sugar and flour are the only ingredients she transfers into glass containers.
Garten’s storing method is wise since opened bags of flour or sugar can attract bugs. It’s important to keep flour in an airtight, dry container.
Additionally, it is important to remember that flour can go bad, but when stored properly, it can last you up to a year.
Sugar is also a pantry staple that benefits from being in an airtight container that prohibits bugs from finding their way into it.
Sugar tends to attract moisture which causes this granular ingredient to clump. It is easy to break up those clumps, but storing sugar properly eliminates the need to have to.
An added benefit to an airtight container is that it prevents any unwanted outside flavors or smells from finding their way into these ingredients.