Sesame Crusted, Seared Tuna Fillet
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The One Type Of Spice You Should Be Using For Fresh Tuna
Tuna is a very delicate protein that can turn tough before cooking if you marinate it too long. To avoid losing the tenderness of your tuna, opt for ground spices over whole spices.
It takes a relatively long cook time to extract the flavors from whole spices. By the time you cook the flavors out of them, your tuna will be about as tender as a hockey puck.
Whether you choose to bathe your fresh tuna in a marinade or slather it with a dry rub, ground spices will ensure every part of the flesh comes in contact with the flavorful spices.
No matter what spices you use, if you only have them on hand as whole spices, you’re better off grinding them before using their fragrant flavors to complement your fresh tuna.
Of course, you can use ingredients like ginger, cilantro, and jalapeño to make simple seared tuna, but ground spices are the way to go for deep flavor in every bite.