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The One Type Of Spatula You Should Use To Flip Fried Eggs
The best tool for flipping fried eggs is a super-thin metal spatula with a square or rectangular base, since thick spatulas make it nearly impossible to pull off a clean flip.
Thick spatulas will often give you a broken yolk, torn egg whites, or jagged, folded-over edges, but a thin spatula can slide under your fried eggs with ease.
Thin metal spatulas are flexible enough to bend underneath the egg, while still being large enough to hold the whole egg and make for a good flip.
Knowing when to flip your egg is also important. Wait until the whites are completely opaque, then feel it with your spatula to see if it's nice and firm.
If you don’t have a metal spatula, a tiny plastic one can work, and a metal fish spatula is a good alternative that is just as flexible as a standard metal tool.