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The One Thing You Should Never Put In Thanksgiving Stuffing
Apart from any political debate or family bickering, a big area of Thanksgiving controversy tends to revolve around the turkey’s stuffing. What to put in your stuffing is a common Thanksgiving debacle, and we know how to help.
Instead of using oyster dressing or country bread, try caramelizing your vegetables for the perfect touch. With celery and onions, in addition to other optional vegetables, caramelizing will impart a depth of flavor to stuffing, as well as making sure it doesn't end up too crunchy or undercooked.
Cooking vegetables before they go in your stuffing will release some of their moisture, which can contribute to soggy dressing, and caramelizing them will help contribute to the hearty flavors of autumn. Vegetables can be caramelized in a saucepan or skillet on the stove, or roasted in the oven.