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The One
Thing Prince
William Can't
Master When
Cooking Steak
No one expects you to cook when you’re a part of the Royal Family, but Prince William has prepared some delicious meals for his wife, Catherine. He’s a pro at making breakfasts and grilling a good steak, but there’s one thing that goes with steak that he can’t seem to perfect.
During a visit to the Together as One charity, William said he actually makes “a mean steak,” but admitted he can’t seem to master the sauce that goes with it. He revealed his sauces often turn out lumpy and dry, but he did add that he enjoys a peppercorn sauce with his steaks.
Peppercorn sauce isn’t as difficult to make as something like a Béarnaise, but there are still some elements that you need to get just right. Anytime you make a sauce that includes butter, the temperature matters, as extreme temps cause the sauce to break, and flour can cause lumps if it’s not whisked properly.