Canned meat in a container.
The One Safe Method For Canning Meat At Home
Bacterial contamination is one of the biggest safety concerns when canning meat. Without industrial canning equipment, only one method of home canning is 100% safe for meat.
Pressure canning is the go-to method for preserving low-acid foods, including meat. Purchasing a pressure canner will ensure you can safely enjoy the meat for months.
Pressure canning involves high processing temperatures of at least 240 degrees F, which destroys Clostridium bacteria that cause botulism, a sickness that can be fatal.
Steam canners and the boiling water bath only reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which can leave bacterial spores behind, creating a huge safety issue for meat products.
You must follow other sanitary procedures to make sure your final products are safe to eat. Try referring to the much-respected USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning.