Anthony Bourdain sitting on a stage
The One Place On Earth Where Anthony Bourdain Actually Loved Vegetarian Food
Anthony Bourdain was a notorious meat eater, but after a trip to Punjab, India for his show "Parts Unknown," Bourdain was not shy about admitting his change of heart.
In an interview with CNN, Bourdain said, "[...] that’s a place where I could happily eat vegetarian for quite some time without really noticing it and enjoy it."
This is because, instead of relying on meat to carry the meal, Indian vegetarian dishes typically showcase flavorful spices, like cumin, cardamom, and coriander.
Hinduism, the dominant religion in India, is a belief system that champions vegetarianism. Hindu or not, 81% of Indian adults restrict meat in their daily diets.
While popular meat dishes like chicken tikka masala and mughlai chicken list meat in the name, others like biryani and curry are interchangeably made with and without meat.