Anthony Bourdain posing for a photo
The One Meal Course That Anthony Bourdain Could've Gone Without
The late chef Anthony Bourdain built his career on his adventurous tastes for a wide array of foods, but there's one meal course that he wasn't so enthusiastic about: dessert.
In his 2016 book "Appetites: A Cookbook," Bourdain admits he's not a big fan of desserts, stating that while he likes them, he could easily live without them if he had to choose.
Bourdain explained that his lukewarm opinion on desserts stemmed from his inability to master pastry-making himself, and also his lack of a strong sweet tooth.
In "Appetites," Bourdain conceded that he favored cheese and port over traditional dessert, occasionally enjoying chocolate after dinner.
Bourdain also treasured his mom's creme caramel dessert for its nostalgic significance, but reiterated that he would still skip dessert, as mentioned in a Thrillist interview.