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The Old School Appetizer You Should Make With Leftover Pie Dough
Pie dough isn’t just for dessert, as it also works for an assortment of other foods like homemade crackers, samosas, empanadas. This kid-friendly appetizer, on the other hand, is oh-so-easy to create when you have leftover pie dough from your pie crust.
Pigs in a blanket — or hot dogs wrapped in a doughy, flaky shell — often come in crescent rolls, but they aren’t exclusive to any one dough. In fact, it’s one of the best uses for leftover pie dough, requiring just a little bit of rolling and the addition of meat.
To make them, take your leftover pie dough, cut it up into strips, coat the dough with egg and fill it with your choice of meat (hot dog, sausage, chorizo). Then simply roll the dough over your meat and throw them in the oven after a final egg wash.