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The Offbeat Ingredient Gordon Ramsay Adds To Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are one of the most beloved breakfast foods in America, but they're also very popular across the pond in the UK. Celeb chef and well-known Brit Gordon Ramsay incorporates a rather unusual ingredient into his ultimate recipe for fancy, indulgent, special-occasion scrambled eggs.
Besides eggs, butter, crème fraîche, chives, and grated white truffles, Ramsay's special scrambled eggs call for uni, also known as sea urchin roe or tongue. Ramsay warns not to overcook the eggs, and moves his pan back and forth between 90 seconds on the heat and 20 seconds off, alternating until the eggs are cooked.
Uni, which MasterClass calls "foie gras of the sea," has a slightly eggy taste and creamy, rich consistency, making it a great partner for scrambled eggs. The taste and texture vary based on where the sea urchin was caught, and if you order uni at a sushi restaurant, you'll likely get the urchin's gonads rather than its tongue.