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The NYC Restaurant That Is A Butter Lover's Dream
When eating out at a nice restaurant, you may expect to get free bread and butter before your meal, but one New York City restaurant works a little differently. Their bread and butter is neither free nor brought to your table as soon as you sit down, but it is an elevated experience that's worth the money for butter lovers.
Manhattan’s Quality Bistro and offers a dish called Butter Service Garni. For $28, diners will be served whipped local butter in a crock, which is then spread on a platter by the server, topped with salt, pepper, herbs, and spices, and served with toasted bread, mushrooms, nuts, dried fruit, Spanish ham, and French picked vegetables.
If you can’t make it to NYC, try making your own butter board, as many social media users have done. Spread some softened butter over a serving board, top it with flavorings such as salt, fresh herbs, roasted garlic, or chili peppers, and slather the butter over your favorite bread — making a TikTok video of your recipe is optional.