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The NYC Cocktail Bar With Over 850 Types Of Gin
Under the warm light of antique chandeliers and amidst opulent Louis XV-style décor, Manhattan's Ivory Peacock is a great place to cut loose after work or spend time with someone special. However, the ambiance isn’t the bar’s main attraction, and the menu boasts over 850 types of gin, which patrons can sample in creative ways.
Of particular note are the bar’s gin and tonic trays which feature the cocktail in a deconstructed form alongside an assortment of botanicals, tonics, and garnishes. Breaking the cocktail down into its separate elements helps drinkers recognize and appreciate how each ingredient contributes to the drink's flavor.
The bar also offers a gin and tonic service, which lets guests sample different gins along with tonics and accompaniments meant to highlight each gin’s flavor. Popular pairings include Monkey 47 Gin with tonic, lavender, cardamom, and lingonberries or Archipelago botanical gin with mango, tonic, black pepper, and lemongrass.
If you’d rather drink something more straightforward, feel free to order one of the many other drinks on the menu, which the bartenders consider "liquid art." The fan-favorite, Handle Your Scandal, is a passionfruit margarita, or try one of their many martinis, a non-alcoholic beverage, or a drink off their beer and wine list.