A martini garnished with stuffed olives on wooden surface, vertical
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The NYC Cocktail Bar Designed With Comfort
In Mind
When you think of the nightlife in New York City, images of a chaotic evening with hour-long waiting lists at bars and clubs might come to mind. However, Takuma Watanabe, former lead bartender at Angel's Share, is challenging this idea with a new cocktail bar designed to make guests as comfortable as possible.
Omotenashi — a Japanese approach to hospitality based on serving guests wholeheartedly — is the backbone of Watanabe's cocktail bar Martiny's, which debuted in April 2022. All three floors focus on providing a quality experience for guests, and the staff dress to the nines while serving signature cocktails in special Kimura glassware.
Beyond the comfortable atmosphere, the same amount of care is put into the mixology, with creative cocktails such as the Tea Ceremony, a combination of Nikka Japanese whisky, cacao, matcha, and coconut water. Don't be surprised if you're met with beautiful florals or even a spoonful of caviar during a visit to Martiny's.