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The NYC Chicken Breakfast Sandwich That'll Fill You Up For The Day
Comfortland in Astoria, Queens, combines the elevation of a brick-and mortar restaurant with all the comfort of your favorite local breakfast sandwich bodega. The restaurant has a range of towering and decadent sandwiches, but one chicken breakfast sandwich in particular can put the classic bacon egg and cheese on a bagel to shame.
The Chicken Biscuit Buddy is stacked with fried chicken, bacon, egg, American cheese, maple tabasco, and chipotle aioli, and it’s all for $13. Recently, Instagrammer Nicolas Heller, aka @newyorknico, made a reel about the breakfast sandwich and fans took to the comments section to express their awe.
Comments included responses like, “Need,” and “Yes x100,” while many mention the gastronomic athleticism required to finish the sandwich, with one person saying they would try it on a Sunday when they have “nothing to do all day.” Most of Comfortland's sandwiches fall in the $10-$14 range, with plenty of vegan options, too.