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The Nutty Addition That Will Change Your Hamburgers Forever
From pickles on pizza to fries in ice cream to peanut butter and onion sandwiches, the world is full of weird food combinations, and there’s one more to add to the list. This nutty addition to burgers gained popularity when football player, Duane Purvis, declared it his favorite, while the same combo made Guy Fieri cry for his mommy.
Peanut butter on a burger isn’t as weird as you might think. Peanut butter is great to add to both salty and sweet recipes and works particularly well in spicy meat marinades. When it comes to burgers, mixing a bit of peanut butter into your ground beef adds a salty umami flavor and makes the patty extra moist.
When used as a condiment, peanut butter gets melty and coats the burger in a salty, fatty layer. Although Guy Fieri didn’t enjoy his first peanut butter burger, after his second attempt at trying the combo, he was delightfully surprised. At Sabores in Logan, Utah, Fieri declared “That’s good,” after trying their peanut-butter-topped burger.