Vintage pyrex bowl filled with blueberries
The Nutritious Reason For Getting Frozen Blueberries Over Fresh
With produce, fresh may always seem better than frozen, but there are a few good reasons to go for frozen blueberries. One plus is that they can last up to a year in your freezer.
Frozen fruit is also usually cleaned, so you won’t have to wash the berries. You can even toss them in many smoothie, oatmeal, and baking recipes without defrosting them.
Another benefit is that you may get more nutrition. According to a study from South Dakota State University, the human body can better absorb antioxidants in frozen fruit.
Antioxidants are mostly found in the skin of the berries. When frozen, ice crystals form that break up the foundation of the berries' skin cells, opening an accessible pathway.
According to a study in Advances in Nutrition, these antioxidants can lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, protect the nervous system, and act as an anti-inflammatory.
You also don’t have to worry about flavor, as frozen blueberries should taste the same as fresh ones. They may taste even better, since they’re frozen at the height of freshness.