Public whole key lime pie
The Not-So-Secret Ingredient That Makes Publix's Key Lime Pie Delectable
Publix's key lime pie has long been a customer favorite, with its sweet and tangy flavors that come from vibrant citrus in a contrastingly creamy custard filling.
If you're trying to recreate Publix’s pie at home, you need to add one ingredient that the real pie uses in its graham cracker crust: crushed toasted almonds.
The salty, toasted almonds offer a great contrast to the sweet and tart pie, and the nut's crunchy texture perfectly complements the rich and creamy filling.
If you don't have almonds on hand, you can use other nuts to create the same effect. Toasted pecans or walnuts can provide the same savory crunch as almonds.
If you're feeling inspired by the Publix pie, try sprinkling toasted hazelnuts or roasted macadamia nuts around the edge of your next chocolate cream pie or banana cream pie.