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The Noodles Michael Symon Never Uses For Lasagna
As is the case with many commonly-prepared dishes, there seems to be a million and one ways to make lasagna, from classic recipes to more out-there-variants. However, celebrity chef Michael Symon says that one common lasagna ingredient gets an unequivocal thumbs-down from him.
"No-boil" pasta sheets are manufactured by passing pasta through a water bath in order to pre-cook them, eliminating the need to boil your pasta before baking lasagna. It might be tempting to buy no-boil pasta, but Symon prefers to go the old-school route with lasagna noodles.
"Don't bother with those no-boil noodles — they compromise the texture," Symon told Food & Wine. "Go the extra mile and use the real thing." No-boil pasta often bakes up too thin, soft, and unable to give your lasagna the structure it needs, so take the time to boil good-quality dried pasta.