Three colorful coffee pods on a pile of coffee beans on a wood surface
The Nespresso Tip To Get More Bang For Your Buck With Every Order
When buying directly from Nespresso, customers have a few options for sampling, all of which offer more bang for your buck and allow you to broaden your coffee palate.
The first approach is to simply choose predetermined collections, which include 10-pack "sleeves" of coffee varieties to try and sometimes come with things like a free travel mug.
Purchasing a collection also qualifies you for the same free samples available with every order. These come in sets of three or four packs, but they're not automatically included.
Instead, you'll choose your preferred coffee during the checkout process. There’s also the Nespresso EasyOrder program, where customers who sign up get a free 10-pack sleeve.
To qualify for general free samples, you only need to purchase coffee on the Nespresso website. There's no minimum order, and it applies to any type of coffee.