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The Muffin Tin Hack To Get The Giant Citrus Ice Cubes You Want
Special ice cubes can turn any ho-hum drink into a work of art, but it can be tough to make them at home. However, if you have a muffin pan, you're already on the right path.
Flowers or herbs are common in ice cubes, but lemon, lime, or orange slices add bright acidity to your drink as they melt. The larger your cubes, the longer the effect will last.
To make extra-large citrus ice cubes with a muffin pan, put your fruit slices of choice at the bottom of each cup, then fill with distilled water, which produces clearer cubes.
A silicone muffin pan works best for this, but if you only have a metal one, try running warm water over the cubes for a few seconds to loosen them.
You can make ice cubes this way with any fruit, like cherries or blueberries, or you can make cubes out of the beverage you’ll be drinking so it doesn’t become watery as they melt.