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The Mozzarella Cheese Mistake You Need To Avoid Making With Pizza
Low-moisture, full-fat mozzarella is a popular cheese for pizza that melts well and doesn't make the pie soggy. If you use another kind of mozz, there are tips to keep in mind.
If you use part-skim cheese or fresh mozzarella, you need to cook your pizza for less time at a higher temperature, typically between 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
If you choose to bake pizza at a lower temperature, you must use low-moisture, full-fat mozzarella to give the dough more time to cook without burning the cheese.
When using a low-moisture mozzarella, consider grating it yourself, since pre-shredded options often contain anti-caking chemicals that can hinder the cheese's ability to melt.
Even if you use low-moisture mozz, your pizza shouldn't be cooked at too low of a temperature. You can ensure better heat distribution and browning by using a pizza stone.