Frozen blueberries with a layer of ice formed on them
The Most Vital Tip For Baking Beautifully With Frozen Blueberries
Using frozen blueberries in baked desserts is convenient and tasty, but the berries can turn your batter green or gray as they release excess water and bleed their colors.
You can avoid this by thoroughly rinsing frozen blueberries under cold water. This helps to remove ice crystals and surface anthocyanins, the natural blue pigments in the berries.
After rinsing, wash the berries in a bowl filled with more cold water. Keep straining the berries out, changing the water, and rinsing until the water turns a light reddish-purple.
Carefully pat the blueberries dry with a paper towel or clean kitchen towel before adding them to your baked goods. The berries should stay intact with no green or gray bleeding.
If rinsing isn't working for you, mind your recipe's leavening agents, like baking soda. Too much can cause a chemical reaction with anthocyanins, leading to a change in color.