Raw Japanese Wagyu beef steak
The Most Expensive Steak At Costco Is On Sale For The Holidays
Costco is offering a special holiday deal on its most expensive steak, the Japanese Wagyu Boneless Ribeye Roast, A5 Grade, weighing 12 lbs, for $849.99, down from the usual $1,099.
The sale, available online until December 17, 2023, provides an opportunity to experience authentic Wagyu at around $70 per pound compared to the typical $120 per pound.
Costco's Wagyu is imported from the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, and each purchase includes a certificate of authenticity for your meat.
If you've never cooked Wagyu at home before, do some preparation and research beforehand. Costco's cooking instructions recommend thawing the meat overnight before cooking with it.
Keep the seasonings simple and use a cast iron pan and a meat thermometer so you don't risk overcooking the steaks. Costco recommends enjoying the steak at medium-rare.