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The Most Expensive Slice Of Royal Wedding Cake Ever Auctioned Off
The idea of a decades-old wedding cake fetching thousands of dollars may seem unrealistic, but there’s a long history of selling royal wedding cakes. Members of the royal household are occasionally given wedding cake slices as souvenirs, and sometimes these slices come up at auction — where one royal cake sold for a shockingly high price.
The Los Angeles Times reported that a cake slice from Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson’s wedding sold for $29,900 in 1998 to entrepreneur Benjamin Yim, who bought it for sentimental reasons, saying, “It represents the epitome of a great romance — truly romantic and elegant.” While Yim didn’t eat the cake, not all collectors share his aversion.
According to Royal Central, in 2021, Gerry Layton spent £2,170 ($2,511) on a slice of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake, and after donating the slice to a charity auction, he repurchased it for £2,100 ($2,430) so he could taste it. Luckily, royal wedding cakes are traditionally made of fruitcake, which has an extremely stable shelf life.