Anthony Bourdain leaning against a wall
The Most Decadent Food City Anthony Bourdain Ever Went To
There are many cities around the world known for their food scenes, but for chef Anthony Bourdain, the most decadent food city was Montreal in Quebec, Canada.
Bourdain said, "They're aggressively hospitable in Montreal. They're just not going to be happy […] until they've killed you with fine wine, delicious cheeses, and wonderful meats.”
Quebec province is world-renowned for its poutine, shish taouk, and Montreal bagels, but when Bourdain visited, his most memorable meal was one eaten in a wooden ice-fishing hut.
Bourdain’s meal consisted of oxtail consommé, lobster à la Parisian, and lièvre à la royale, "a boneless wild hare in a sauce of its own blood," with foie gras and potato puree.
Bourdain finished the meal with a “voluptuously-reeking Époisses” cheese, a Cuban chartreuse cigar, and a cake with almond and hazelnut meringue and chocolate buttercream.
Bourdain told his Quebecois dining companions, "You are hopeless romantics when it comes to the art of living," before eating his way through the region.
Describing his train meal of caviar, truffle omelet, and foie gras, along with oysters and burgundy, white wine, Bourdain said, "The stuff is all so good and so legendary.”
After returning from Quebec, his ex-wife Ottavia Busia playfully quipped on Twitter, "There was much more of @Bourdain when he got back from this Canadian trip.”