Classic pepperoni pizza with cut slices isolated on a white background
The Most Cost-Effective Method To Order Pizza For A Group
Pizza is an easy and convenient option for feeding a group of people, but it can be costly. Fortunately, there is a budget-friendly way to buy pizza for a crowd.
Cutting down on costs is as simple as ordering larger pizzas. Even though smaller pies seem cheaper, you actually end up spending more money on a lesser amount of food.
For instance, one extra large (18-inch) pizza can provide you with more pizza at a lesser cost when compared to that of two small (12-inch) pies.
Before placing a group order, it's wise to price match with several pizza joints and see which is cheapest. You can also use coupons or join a rewards program for extra deals.
To figure out how much pizza you need, use the ⅜ rule. Multiply the number of people you're feeding by ⅜, assuming they'll have 3 slices per person while 8 slices come in one pie.