Freshly prepared popcorn in a glass bowl on a red surface
The More Oil The Better When It Comes To Stovetop Popcorn
When making popcorn on the stove, using enough oil is crucial to getting a delicious result. You’ll want to use enough oil to almost cover your popcorn kernels.
Two tablespoons of unpopped corn make one quart of finished popcorn, so measure out the popcorn based on the volume of your pot. Choose a pot with a well-fitting lid.
Choose an oil that's good at high heat, like regular olive oil, avocado oil, or your favorite vegetable cooking oil. For extra flavor, try coconut oil or clarified butter.
Once your kernels and oil are in, put the pot on medium-high heat, cover it, and wait to hear the popping sound. As the popcorn cooks, shake the pot using potholders several times.