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The More Affordable Bacon And Sausage Alternatives You Should Try
Those who adore bacon or sausage in their morning meals have some bad news ahead — since 2021, meat prices have increased by 20%, and are likely to rise more. The silver lining is that while meat costs are going up, there are a few ingredients you can add to your shopping cart for the same satisfying meat-like taste.
The salty and “meaty” taste that people who like meat crave for is called “umami,” and there are other food options besides meat that can give you this great taste. Soy products, mushrooms, eggplant, and coconut will give you the same umami taste as sausage or bacon, and are far more cost-effective.
While cooking up a batch of eggplants won’t act as a replacement for bacon or sausage, a simple amount of seasoning can help bring out that meaty taste. Roasting up mushrooms with chili powder and smoked paprika will give the veggie that same bacon-esque dark flavor at more than half the cost.